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Over 1.5 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year.

- American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures 2010, pg. 1)

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Help protect your family
from financial hardship

What is cancer insurance?

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, both personally and financially. Cancer insurance can provide financial assistance if you are diagnosed with cancer.  With 61% of cancer expenses coming from indirect, non-medical costs1, it is likely that your major medical coverage will not cover all of the costs associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Supplementing your major medical with cancer insurance may help you pay for related expenses, such as:

  • Copays and deductibles
  • Specialists
  • Experimental treatment
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Travel expenses
  • Help at home
  • Child care expenses


Why do I need it?

With cancer insurance, you can focus on your treatment, while your benefits can help ease the financial costs. With cancer insurance, benefits are paid to you, so you choose how to spend them.


Interested in Cancer Insurance?

Ask about benefits through First Financial where you work.


1American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures 2010, pg. 3