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Administration Services

At First Financial, we offer a suite of administration services that opens doors to industry best practices and expertise in compliance and legal regulations. Along with third party administration of employee offerings in services and investments, we can assist you with:


We offer administration that keeps you in compliance. This includes, initial notice to all covered employees, HIPAA certificates, election tracking, premium billing and coupon booklets, remittance processing, termination tracking and employer legislative notifications.

Dependent Verification Reviews

To help keep your medical insurance costs accurate and efficient, we can conduct a dependent verification review to verify the eligibility of participating dependents. This can cut costs by eliminating non-qualified dependents from your medical and dental plans often leading to fewer future premium increases and reduce overall risk.

Document Preparation

We provide sample plan documents for all tax related plans that we administer, such as, Cafeteria Plan (Section 125), 403(b) Retirement Plan, 457 Retirement Plan and 3121 Social Security Alternative.

Employee Leave Billing

Our system will automatically print a notice to your employees for non-payment of premiums. By tracking which letters and invoices are printed and when, our document storage will allow you to keep complete and accurate records.

Health FSA Debit Cards

Add a simple, convenient perk to your employee benefit package with a Health FSA Debit Card. The card gives employees immediate access to their funds at the point of sale, making it easier to pay for prescriptions, co-pays and other common medical expenses.

Voluntary Payroll Deduction

Offer comprehensive benefits at no direct cost and give your employees the option to purchase supplemental plans at a reduced group rate. Find out how plan premiums are deducted.

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